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Monte Mariposa

Centro de Retiros para el desarrollo personal

Shakuhachi Concert
con Adrian Freedman

The shakuhachi is a Japanese Zen flute with a unique and powerful sound that
draws the listener into a place of intense stillness. The sound seems to purify the
mind, connecting profoundly with the heart, and opening up the listener to a sense
of inner space that is sometimes difficult to find. 
The program features classical Zen pieces such as Shingetsu (Heart Moon), Kokū
(Empty Sky) and Daha (Breaking Waves), interspersed with new compositions
and improvisations from Adrian.
Adrian Freedman lived 7 years in Kyoto, Japan studying the shakuhachi with the
renowned master Yokoyama Katsuya (1934 – 2010). He is also a composer and
multi-instrumentalist and has collaborated with many musicians around the world.
The recital is held in a peaceful atmosphere, with candlelight, incense and temple
bells. A mood of deep silence is held between the individual pieces.

Fecha: 15th - 15th October

Precio: 10€