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Monte Mariposa


Retreat Centre for Self-Realisation

"A Delicate Activism"
with The Proteus Initiative and
This course will be facilitated by The Proteus Initiative amazing team composed of Allan Kaplan and Sue Davidoff, who are coming from South Africa to share with us their lively deep approach to community development, change processes and activism in general.  
We invite you to read the article "A Delicate Activism" to investigate what this course is inviting you to explore. 

The instrumental nature of much contemporary social activism has become a contributing factor to – rather than a resolution of – the rapid and escalating social and ecological crises that beset our world. Our urgency to achieve change often unfolds a calculative, strategic mindset; results, rather than process, become primary. Yet a closer look at how life actually lives reveals that means are the ends that we arrive at – that our points of departure foretell our places of arrival.

The approach introduced in these five days offers the possibility to understand and work with radically different, more appropriate, more organic approaches to social and ecological process and practice. To work in ways that are respectful of the complexity and true nature of our challenges. Encountering the problems we face in the world today requires the exercise of a responsive creativity premised on our own transformation in the process of engagement. This, we suggest, is built through the disciplined practice of observation as it enters the living processes through which life on earth unfolds. These five days introduce a grounded, aware, engaged and imaginative interpersonal practice.

Pratical Information:
Location: Set amidst the hills, in a beautiful valley in the heart of Algarve, the Monte Mariposa Retreat Centre will offer the possibility of a deep individual and group immersion.

Arrivals to Faro (closest airport) are expected on the 5th of February and departures on the 11th of February 2018.

Registration fee: 650 euros (early bird before 31st of October); 720 euros after that. Registrations are limited to 24 participants.
The fee covers all costs related with board, lodging, and course related work and materials. The travel costs from your place to the venue are not included.

More information and registration form available in RECIFE webpage:
We look forward to meet you here for this unique opportunity to learn from the authors of "Development Practitioners and Social Process - Artists of the Invisible" and "The Development Practitioner’s Handbook" as well as "The Learning School: An Organisation Development Approach"
Nuno da Silva
‘There are no solutions; there is only the ongoing practice of being open and alive to each meeting, each intra-action, so that we might use our ability to respond, our responsibility, to help awaken, to breathe life into ever new possibilities for living justly.’ Karen Barad
Date: 6th - 10th February