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Monte Mariposa


Retreat Centre for Self-Realisation

Reiki - 2
with Fernando Eduardo

Reiki the Essence of Life! 

Reiki is a very simples, natural and old art of healing and brings harmony, health and happiness to our life. It is a complete healing system and at the same time it is a path for self development, awareness and freedom.

Reiki, the word is japanese and means energy (ki) universal (rei). The work with Reik, in the lineage of Diane Stein, excellent Healer, is a very simple and efficent system of healing of self and others. Healing with Reiki is practised through the posititon of the hands.

Reiki is that old like the universal existence and humaness of all the earth cultures.
It has been forgotten for more than 2 thousands of years and was remembered from Mikao Usui (beginning of the 20th century) well known as "Reiki Tradicional". Then, through the initiative of Diane Stein, beginning 1990, and through her hands, Reiki was reachable for everbody, without limitation.

Reiki, the essence of vitality, balances and revitalizes our energetic centers called chakras and optimises the flow of energy in the body. Reiki stimulates the imune system and strengthens the aura. Reiki acts on many different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Ease pain, speeding recovering processes and calms and relaxes profundly.  It is compativel with any other treatment, may it be the traditional medicine or alternative medicine. It is absolutely safe and brings a state of well being to all beings, including babys, elderlys, animals, plants, trees, etc. Reiki is a beautiful path of healing, awareness and self realisation. There is no dogma or religion behind. It is simply universal energy, Rei-ki.

Level 2: The second level of Reiki, we will start to work with simbols. The simbols will allow us to canalise and focus better the energy. The simbols are the same which Mikao Usui already received during his 21 day retreat on a sacred montain in japain. We will learn about 3 sacred simbols, the meaning and how to use them for us to live in conciously, to create harmony, to protect our aura and to overcome our limites of time and space. We will learn one of the fascinating techniques of Reiki, how to send energy from distance.

Reiki 2: 50€


Inscriptions with the Teacher Fernando Eduardo, Tel. (00351) 967027686 or email

Date: 17th December

 Fernando Eduardo
About Fernando Eduardo

Fernando Eduardo nasceu em Portimão, passou por Angola, viveu na zona de Lisboa e desde há 18 anos de retorno ao Algarve, sempre ligado ao projecto naval. Em 2002 o Reiki e o Monte Mariposa entraram na sua vida, foi a grande mudança, desde aí foi um caminhar por cursos e terapias, por aprendizagens e experiências, sempre na busca de si mesmo.
O Reiki passou a ser a base de um percurso, preenchido também pelas leituras de aura e reflexologia. Dedica-se também às crianças da nova Era, procurando de mãos dadas com os pais, contribuir para um desenvolvimento mais harmonioso desses seres tão especiais.
Actualmente segue caminhando, procurando entender a marcha, na esperança de estar a percorrer as estradas correctas que o conduzirão ao seu Destino.
Entendendo que é dando que se recebe, caminha de mãos dadas com todos, partilhando experiências e saberes, na entrega e gratidão em servir o Bem Supremo.